Terms and Conditions

Customer Agreement

In order to preserve the value and integrity of the Little Unicorn brand, LITTLE UNICORN, LLC reserves the right to NOT sell to anyone who advertises our products in a way that violates any of the following policies.

  1. Customers will provide LITTLE UNICORN, LLC with all names under which they will advertise and/or sell LITTLE UNICORN, LLC products. In case of change, customer will request LITTLE UNICORN, LLC prior written approval. Any customer found to be, or suspected of, violating this requirement shall be subject to adverse action including, but not limited to, suspension of all rights to advertise and/or sell LITTLE UNICORN, LLC products.
  2. Customer acknowledges to have read and understood the LITTLE UNICORN, LLC established MAP pricing as set forth in the most current price list and/or other such MAP pricing document.
  3. Customers will sell directly to the consumers. Third party sales, wholesales, bulk sales or anything other than a sale to a consumer for their use are strictly prohibited. Anyone engaged in third party sales without prior written permission from LITTLE UNICORN, LLC will lose their selling privileges.
  4. LITTLE UNICORN, LLC prohibits retailers to sell any product purchased from LITTLE UNICORN, LLC on Amazon.com and/or eBay.com and its related sites or stores. You may sell the products in your store or on your company website, subject to all rules contained within this MAP policy. However, you are expressively not allowed to advertise, or sell, on Amazon.com or eBay.com and it associated websites unless prior written consent is obtained from LITTLE UNICORN, LLC.
  5. Prior written permission from LITTLE UNICORN, LLC must be granted for the use of LITTLE UNICORN, LLC product images, logos and trademarks, in particular when used anywhere online.